Thursday, July 22, 2004



  • I read on Vance's webpage that Hinda gave a great talk about writing and whether good English was necessary. Nice to put a face to the incident!
    Vance said he pointed out that if you have links and the arguments stored, you can post them up so that you don't have to explain over and over again, emailing every student.
    This really struck a chord with me, I am teaching University students for the first time and found myself emailing the same message personally over and over again, but rewritten every time to match the addressee..exhausting in the long run, and so I must learn how to be faster at opening group sites and blogs and posting up things there, not to mention test results, homework etc.....
    Wishing I could be there in your class to enjoy learning with Vance, (but then he's already been helping me so much online, so I guess it isn't a problem ;) )

    Good luck! See you online!

    By Blogger Renata, at 5:17 PM  

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